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Loot Goblin is a mashup of gameplay over the last couple weeks in Rust. There is Chapter 1, The Rabbit Hole which is a counter raid or raid interruption we achieved against a group of dudes. A brief intermission with a 60 second Rust lesson with BchillZ. And finally, a Chapter 2, The Helicopter Incident which is a ninja of some helicopter loot from some eneforces. See you in the next episode dudes.

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By Estila

11 thoughts on “LOOT GOBLINS!? (Rust) | rhinoCRUNCH”
  1. do you guys play on bloodbane ?
    becuase wetmeat is a clan there, i rekt em a few times, i pretty much rek everyone on tht server, lots of huge groups full of players who arent that goood, but yea, im glad to see em get fucked man, keep up the gooood work, i recnetly just started watching you again lol, but yea gg for wetmeat and the heli battle lol

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