Is Now The Time to Play No Man’s Sky? No Man’s Sky 2020 First Impressions

No Man’s Sky 2020 First Impressions. Should You Try No Man’s Sky in 2020. In this video I cover my first impressions and gameplay experience of No Man’s Sky. I break down the gameplay and feel of the game, along with the challenge of survival mode.

I hope that this video helps you to answer the question: is no man’s sky worth it in 2020? or “is No Mans Sky good now”

No Man’s Sky is an epic game, and the Origins update is coming out next week. After so many really impressive (free) updates already, I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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By Estila

13 thoughts on “Is Now The Time to Play No Man’s Sky? No Man’s Sky 2020 First Impressions”
  1. go to a planet, mine resources, build a base, repeat.

    People forgot how this game even played when it came out, now its some sort of cult classic because the developers made it mediocre.

  2. I brought the game with my friends right at the release. We had the vision of multiplayer in mind. Yeah… Fuck that.
    It's way better now. The planets still repeat quite often in design. But the design in general got better. It's still not like the trailer we saw back then… Maybe some day. But it's quite enjoyable now.

  3. Still don't have the procedural generation of planets, creatures etc like what was promised at E3 and at game release back in 2016. But no, add other things first. Smh ridiculous.

  4. Looks like this is worth it now. Was reticent upon release but seems to have come full circle thus far. 2016- one mans lie. 2021 some man's buy… but good things are worth the wait… I.E the witcher 3 greatest game of all time. As a developer I appreciate this labor of love journey.

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