IS NIGHTFALL USELESS? | Dead by Daylight (Survivor Gameplay Commentary)

We’re playing against Dead by Daylight’s newest killer, The Dredge! It can teleport to lockers and obscure Survivor vision! Enjoy this gameplay commentary as Survivor in Dead by Daylight from my recent Twitch livestream!
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By Estila

11 thoughts on “IS NIGHTFALL USELESS? | Dead by Daylight (Survivor Gameplay Commentary)”
  1. It feels like the anniversary killer was planned on being Wesker, but they had some issue, so they swapped them. It feels like this killer needed/needs more time in the oven.

  2. he gets some buffs in nightfall but the point is not so hes a little stronger for a couple seconds the point is suspense and fear but seeing him so clearly does the opposite effect they should just get rid of that completely and slightly darkened the screen or make the fov actually smaller but the point of night fall doesnt make sense right now

  3. I thought Nightfall was going to be something like the Survivor only seeing a certain distance away and shroud the rest in complete, pitch black darkness. Instead, we get to play the game in widescreen

  4. I feel like if he is to still glow like he does than the range that a survivor can see while in nightfall should decreases some more, just so that if they are in chase they won't be able to see the next loop thats off it the distance. That way he has something against chases.

  5. Insanity Major and Joony Joster get it. I think the killer is getting used to the power. I think you can't see auras outside of your little vison radius, while Night Fall is active.

  6. Though the killer is very very scary to actually go up against. They need to at least rework night fall so it could actually be an advantage for the killer.

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