I Survived 100 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft!

I attempt to survive 100 Days in hardcore Minecraft, and if I die once I have to delete my world and start over!

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By Estila

10 thoughts on “I Survived 100 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft!”
  1. I spent over 20+ hours filming for this world, hope you enjoy the effort!

    I see comments about the nether portal at the start. I broke the messed up obsidian with my iron pick (you can do that just takes a while) and replaced it with lava/water! Wuv u guys

  2. Great video jimmy but please do not fake videos. You may be triggered that i said that but believe me he did/ If the go to the timestamp 1:55 you can clearly see that the portal has two pieces of crying obsidian which mean the portal can not be lighten because one is in the middle and no part earlier in the video shows him getting obsidian and when you go to the timestamp 1:58 the piece of crying obsidian in the middle is gone with and only the one in the corner is there.

  3. I actually found a part where he cheated, when he lit the portal to the nether it has crying obsidian. In the place where you can’t light it if it’s there, but in the next clip, the obsidian was normal. Plus he only had a iron pickaxe. It can’t mine obsidian

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