I Fed my Gigas to Troodons! – ARK Survival Evolved [E126]

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Feeding Gigas to Troodons – ARK Survival Evolved [E126]
W/ SYNTAC #Dinosaurs #ARKTroodon

The Cluster Series is a Syntac Adventure spanning every Ark Survival Evolved Map. In this series Syntac will tame, breed and mutate any creature he can get his hands on while also building automatic farms, creature museums and fighting every boss from the Overseer to the King Titan!

By Estila

11 thoughts on “I Fed my Gigas to Troodons! – ARK Survival Evolved [E126]”
  1. one more question sorry lol, how are you getting like level 400+ creatures? Do you have your difficulty way up so that your max level cap is also way higher? do you have a breeding/mutation tutorial? I don't quite understand how you got so many mutations, when each line caps out at 20?

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