I Busted 32 CSGO Myths

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Shooting the Legs Does More Damage, and other CS:GO Myths and Misconceptions that you may not have known about. Take a look and find out more


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0:00 Intro
0:49 Pulling the Pin on Nades Makes Noise
1:21 Release flash then Press G
1:40 Radar Through Door
1:51 Flashes Too Far Away
2:06 Removing Silencer Makes Your Gun Shorter
2:32 Nade Smoke
2:47 CT vs T molotov
2:56 Legs Don’t Have Armor
3:54 Nades Can 1 Shot
4:14 Nades That Land Higher do More Damage
4:37 You’re More Accurate at The Peak of Your Jump
4:50 You’re Fully Accurate with Scout Noscopes
5:22 Chickens Can Block Flashes
5:48 You Can Nade Fish in the pond on Inferno
5:55 Shotgun Spread isn’t Random
6:26 Pressing E on Chickens Makes them Follow You
6:38 Spam Jumping Stops Making Noise After the 1st Jump
6:51 Nades Can Block Damage
7:11 You Shift-Walk Faster with Your Knife
7:21 You’re Fully Accurate While Crouch Walking
7:38 Smokes (Don’t) Mask Defuse Sounds
7:48 Oponents Can(‘t) Block Flashes
7:57 Defusing Gives You More Money
8:13 The Bomb Can Kill You on B on Inferno
8:26 Decoys Can Create 1 Ways
8:38 Different Nades Make Different Sounds When Bouncing
9:02 Bomb Explosion Does(n’t) Do More Damage to the Back
9:21 Pulling Out Your Knife Does(n’t) Make Noise
9:25 Swiping Your Knife Makes Noise (even without hitting anything)
9:31 2 Mollies Do More Damage Than 1
10:02 Opening Doors Backwards
10:25 Silent Jumps (Don’t) Actually Exist
10:51 Shadows (Don’t) Disappear When You Scope

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By Estila

16 thoughts on “I Busted 32 CSGO Myths”
  1. What about reloading and in the middle of reload double switch with Q….. it is not faster! Actually its slower if u dont press it acuratelly which is disappointment to see do it pros.

  2. 7:32 To be precise, if you are moving at less than 34% of the weapon's maximum speed, you are completely accurate. That figure isn't really well published, and I don't know why, but it's easy to verify with sv_maxspeed.

  3. gaben needs to ban all this bullshit luck in the game with chickens blocking flash and nades blocking damage, the BOMP should be the only block once its not on a character imo

  4. you can do a silent jump with a jump bug right? jump crouch and uncrouch right before you hit the ground and it registers you as just on the ground not landing.

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