How To Play ALL Your Alts in Lost Ark!! Alt Management Guide!

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Una Task Priority List:

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13 thoughts on “How To Play ALL Your Alts in Lost Ark!! Alt Management Guide!”
  1. Not bad advice in this video. In normal days I need to work for at least 8h and in my free time Lost Ark is an amazing game, but with 5 alts it can get annoying fast like very repetitive chores.
    Often I just do main. And on alts usually chaos d., but often just silver donations and research. To have more time for main char.
    When I was doing most that it is possible on all I was getting more and more feed up losing the important reason why I play games for fun.

  2. I played 500 hours since launch and got super burnt out when i started playing alts. I felt like doing the same thing 5 times each day was just such a slogg the amount of dailies this game requires is also overwelming. I know i dont have to do everything but logging in and not doing all dailies just feels inefficiant. Hopfully i can get the spark back but im taking a break for now.

  3. Low tier guardian raids are the worst.
    Way too many 0 gear wrong stat no item leeching alts in there.
    T1 and t2 all high chance of failing and takes average 10+ mins to kill, with really bad reward.
    Only worth it for 1 clear for the bonus accessories on T2 (cuz it start using pyeon to buy accessories)

  4. game sounds like a chore to you and also as if it consumes your life. why do you have so many alts? i get it helps progression but is that even worth it? every time my char tiers up the game plays the same so eventually i stopped caring about rushing progression. log in do the dailies, 2 chaos dungeons, fight 2 bosses, maybe do a quest and im done. cant imagine it being fun doing that on multiple characters. sounds like a real waste of time if im being honest.

  5. Thanks for this video. A lot of the other daily videos just say the same things over and over again. "Do the dailies. Get the leapstones." Yeah I KNOW about them already- nah man, you took the time to explain the why and how for this stuff so thank you.

  6. I’ve been doing this exact thing, from the lopang dailies to skipping all tier 2 guardian raids. Unless I have a buddy willing to carry me through those raids I will end up never doing them because they honestly would take up too much time and burn me out on the game as well

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