(Hearthstone) Theorycrafting Felrattle Warlock in Alterac Valley

(Fractured in Alterac Valley Theorycrafting) 4 games: Felrattle Warlock
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Music: Piano Sonata No. 21 (Beethoven) ‘Waldstein’, performed by Paul Pitman

By Estila

11 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) Theorycrafting Felrattle Warlock in Alterac Valley”
  1. Watching this theory craft makes me realize you could do the boar combo with phylactery theoretically if you wanted to. It sounds absolutely terrible, but hilarious when you pull it off

  2. I am kinda scared, that the last game will have similar effect to "Lunacy Mage", when at first all were like "this is hilarious" as they got Nagrand Slamed for 7 mana and all the other shenanigan happened… Until everybody realized, that its freaking consistent and it went from hilarious to frustration very very very quickly….

  3. The new screen transition is awesome. However it reminds me of the episode when Homer Simpson found Star Wipe, and every screen transition then had a Star Wipe.

  4. It's a bit of a wonder why all those old cheevos popup when its newhotness time. Guess they don't have the mans to work on suppressing them for test accounts.

  5. ive been playing a version of this without deathrattles using the standard nightshade matron + hand of guldan combo and if i win games usually play out like that second game you played. but this seems nice i would love to try it ill need a bit more dust to make korrak. i was lucky to get phylactery in a free pack 🙂

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