(Hearthstone) The Big Demons of Stormpike

(United in Stormwind Standard) 3 games: Vanndar Big Demon Hunter VS Demon Hunter, Warlock, and Shaman
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Deck Code: AAECAea5AwQA0N0DjfcDzPkDDYPHA9jTA93TA+/VA/PjA/7tA8LxA4n3A5n5A4CFBIOfBLafBOygBAA=

Music: Mozart Piano Sonata no. 11, K. 331, from the European Archive

By Estila

11 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) The Big Demons of Stormpike”
  1. It’s amazing how even at legend players make bronze mistakes like putting inquisitor in their proving grounds deck and not realizing they don’t have windfury after removing the guy giving them windfury.

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