(Hearthstone) MORE NEW CARDS! Thief Rogue in Alterac Valley

(Fractured in Alterac Valley Theorycrafting) 3 games: Thief Rogue
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Music: Beethoven Piano Sonata no. 29 in B-flat major ‘Hammerklavier’, Op. 106, performed by Paul Pitman

By Estila

11 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) MORE NEW CARDS! Thief Rogue in Alterac Valley”
  1. Thief Rogue (despite the name) is such a sweet deck, perfectly fits your personality Kibler! Every game is unique, exciting and non-linear. Breath of fresh air from quest meta

  2. hey kibler, i like your new visuals, but the head banner makes it difficult to tell if the opponent has any active secrets or quests attached to their face.

  3. 13:55 You had Forest Warden Omu for 4 mana cost with exactly 4 mana left. Omu refreshes your mana crystals and would have gave you lethal with that 5 extra damage. This Thief Rogue is what I'm mostly looking forward to play.

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