Hands-on: Is Grand Theft Auto V on PS5 Worth It? | PlayStation 5

Here we go again!

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By Estila

14 thoughts on “Hands-on: Is Grand Theft Auto V on PS5 Worth It? | PlayStation 5”
  1. The flicker in the distance is gone. Better shadows, smoother gameplay, better lighting, better explosions, better physics. If course it's worth it. Some people just need to shit on something good for click bait.

  2. I think the added features like realistic shadows, 3D audio, and the awesome controller haptics makes it totally worth it!!!

    I can’t wait for RDR 2 to get updated also!

  3. I never played it on PS4 but did back on PS3. But now with the discount and the multiple improvements on PS5 I picked it up. So I was there at the start and back now 10 years later 😅

  4. Lmao why this video making it sound like gta v for ps5 is actually worth it?? I mean the games better than wwe2k22 but that ain't saying much really. 🤷I'm guessing this is a cockstar fan page.

  5. how much dose rockstar need they already made right around 7 billion profit off GTA 5. they could of just given us this in a free update. we all know Rockstar will make big buck off this. GTA5 sold 160 million copies. Even if only 25 million re buy it for 10 dollars on PS5 thats another 250 million 9 years after it first released. Its a joke it more just grafical upgrade with 60FPS not worth my time. after three months the price gos up to like 40 dollars even bigger rip.

  6. Its 100% worth it it's one of the best games ever made and it looks better on ps5 and made it great to play again what everyone seems to keep missing is it's not gta6 it's a remake (freshen up) and looks great I havent played anything else on my ps5 since I got it so yeah definitely worth it if you like gta

  7. Yes I am getting a copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 I wasn't going to but since it's coming on disc for the PS5 I decided to get a copy I never played Grand Theft Auto online thinking about doing it but since I haven't played the story for a couple of years I thought I might as well I prefer to play Grand Theft Auto 4 that's my favourite so far

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