GTA 5 vs. The World | INDIA 🇮🇳

🌍 GTA 5 vs. The World is a new Series, created by ENXGMA, that compares GTA 5 vs. Real Life footage from different countries (in this 1st episode, INDIA 🇮🇳)!
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🎥 In this video: Crazy Stunts & Gameplay, Awesome Wins & Fails moments, Dumb People & Plenty of Memes!

By Estila

14 thoughts on “GTA 5 vs. The World | INDIA 🇮🇳”
  1. Which Country should we visit next? 🌍
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    📢 Disclaimer: This Series' sole purpose is entertainment. It's not meant to disrespect a country or its people.

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