Grand Theft Auto V – Xbox One Gameplay [4K]

I finally got a current gen console to play GTA V & some of my old Xbox 360 games. (I got tried of the PC Version)

BEFORE YOU ASK: Why is this video is so saturated?

A: I don’t know, I kind of messed up on my capture device video settings. We ALL make mistakes – so don’t bitch about! (If y’all still ask about it – JUST READ THE DAMN DESCRIPTION it takes no effort and I’m not replying back, it’s not worth my time!

GTA V Xbox 360 Gameplay:

GTA V PS3 Gameplay:

Info: Video Footage Recorded from: Microsoft Xbox One S With Elgato Game Capture HD. (Don’t Ask Again and It’s NOT Free)

Elgato Game Capture HD: (Note: You’re gonna need a PC or Mac to use it!)

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By Estila

14 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto V – Xbox One Gameplay [4K]”
  1. Here it is…GTA V Xbox One Gameplay and very first Xbox One Gameplay on my channel.

    Now the reason why I haven't upload nearly a week is because I was playing through GTA V story missions to make an gameplay.

    I would got the video up sooner by downloading a save file from the internet (Like I did on PS3) but Rockstar greedy ass won't allow us to use another save files from someone else or from a different platform.

    So yeah, I have to start from the beginning. I was pissed, anyways. enjoy the video!

  2. Last time I played GTA was GTA 3 on PlayStation. I've just bought an Xbox one from eBay and this game. For the price of this console, it was a bargain. They are great consoles even today.

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