Grand Theft Auto V (PS4 Gameplay) [2160p]

Playing GTA V on Sony Playstation 4 (Next-Gen)

Here’s my very first PS4 gameplay on this channel, so some of y’all quit bitchin’ about me not having a PlayStation 4.

GTA V PS3 Gameplay:
GTA V Xbox 360 Gameplay:
GTA V Xbox One Gameplay:

Info: All video footage recorded from: Sony PlayStation 4 Slim with Elgato Game Capture HD. (Make sure HDCP is off on PS4 Settings to record)


Elgato Game Capture HD:

What is HDCP? Watch this video for more info:

PS4 Home Menu (0:00)
Intro & Loading Screen (0:08)
Playing as Franklin Clinton (1:40)
Switching to Michael (15:26)
Playing as Michael De Santa (15:39)
Switching to Trevor (35:49)
Playing as Trevor Philips (36:05)
Most Brutal Protagonist Death I Ever Seen & Outro (53:44)

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