Grand Theft Auto 5: Xbox Series S Next-Gen Features Tested – 60FPS, Loading Times and More!

Is everything intact on Xbox Series S? We put Microsoft’s entry-level console through its paces with direct comparisons to Series X – where ray-traced shadows proved a highlight. Performance at 60fps appears to be on average worse off on Series S overall, despite the drop to a native 1080p – but is it still playable? Tom finds out.

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By Estila

14 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto 5: Xbox Series S Next-Gen Features Tested – 60FPS, Loading Times and More!”
  1. Series S is really in a league of its own and I dont feel anyone serious about technical side of gaming would own one. I would honestly put it in the same camp as the Nintendo Switch. You buy it to have fun, not obsess over framerates and graphics. If you purchased it thinking only the resolution would be different then you were conned by the maketing department…

  2. First ray traced shadows are not a bug deal no the series s is not getting left out because of the graohics textures draw distance fast loading time 60fps just with preformance RT so just chill out

  3. its so stupid you keep blaming series S for the bad performance of the game when game is not well optimized… we have super examples of games running at 60 FPS even better looking then GTA V which proves GTA V is sux at performance optimizations…

  4. Nice video, but i am surprised that neighter in this video, or the one about Series X/PS5 you don't take in account all the problems with the Xbox series problems that are not in the Playstation 5 version:

    1 No music on radio stations (on and offline) when you are in a party chat on the console.
    2 Often disconnections when playing offline. Yesterday (monday) i got kicked out of online (invite only and also open rooms) 3 times in one hour, while this almost never happened on the old version running in backwards compatible mode on Series X.
    3 Not saving online progress even while dropping back to the story. After for instance doing the recon on Cayo Perico, after scoping all the loot on the island and target subject, i leave the game by swapping back to story mode, when you (sometimes) get to see the yellow circle showing the game is saving the online part. But still, more often then not, next time i boot up the game, i have to do the recon job again, as it has not been saved. If i would do not do the recon job, the Cayo Perico job will be put in easy mode, as it has forgotten you have activated it right after the countdown comming back from the previous hit.

    In short, i am so dissapointed in RockStar. They duped me with the definitive edition (GTA 3, Vice Citty, and San Andreas) witch i would have preferred to stay the same as the original games, but with higher resolution textures and no changes to the models, and also the game crashes on me sometimes (mostly GTA 3), and now, even while they delayed the release of this game, it still is full of bugs (old ones from the Xbox One edition, and NEW ones as mentioned above) and this while Xbox gamers have to pay more, as on PS5, the online part is still free, and so far, i never had issues with the PlayStation 5 version. So why not mentioning the problems, and why is (so far) no one take RockStar acountable for this witch is in my eyes not acceptable?

    I have put a problem notification on the service part on the RockStar page, i commented on their Facebook page, but NO response other than that "this game works fine for me" from one other visitor. So this is the future of the quality of RockStar games? Count me out on GTA6……. I was such a big fan, getting GTA V for Xbox 360 (most expensive version with all the extra's), Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, and now Xbox Series X and Playstation 5, so they can't say i'm not a fan, but this mess, and being ignored by them, i can't accept.

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