Grand Theft Auto 5 – PS5 Gameplay (4K)

This is some gameplay of Grand Theft Auto 5 on the PS5 through Backwards Compatibility recorded in 4K. There are no performance settings. I’m pretty sure the game is 1080p, but with PS5 I set the display to 4K, and this upscales all games to that setting. And boy was i wrong. This makes the game look awful imo. Blurry textures everywhere especially when driving. Just set the display to 1080p lol. The game still takes a while to load. I mean it’s better than the PS4 and PRO but still almost a minute plus to get into the game…..Enjoy 🙂

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By Estila

14 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto 5 – PS5 Gameplay (4K)”
  1. Don't do it lol. If you have a PS5 just set the display setting to 1080p. The game just looks like a blurry mess if you upscale to 4K. Still wonder if they can deliver 4K 60 fps on the next GTA…..

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