Funny And Lucky Moments – Hearthstone – Ep. 582

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00:00 Welcome to Alterac Valley
video 1:
video 2:
audio: ES_Technological Breakdown – Wanda Shakes

01:43 OwlTK
video 1:
video 2:
video 3:
audio: Ansia Orchestra – For the Alliance! />
03:40 Clock is ticking
audio: Ansia Orchestra – Honor and Glory
subtitles by Toxemico

05:04 Master of disguise
video: sent by qqzero
audio: Silent Partner – Dog and pony show

05:58 Famous last words
COVER King Arthur and the Knights of Justice – Main Theme />
07:02 Hiccup
audio 1: ES_Thriller Suspense Trailer 10 T60 – Magnus Ringblom
audio 2: Audionatix – You so zany

07:52 Remember turn 1 yeti?
audio: ES_Spero – Lupus Nocte

08:45 Feast
audio: Ansia Orchestra – Fiery Lake (Fiery Lake 2016)

09:27 Bonus clip
audio: Kevin Macleod – Scheming weasel faster

10:10 Outro
Outro Music:

By Estila

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  1. Лебедя не сразу и узнал. Перестал следить за киберспортом в ХС, когда ту студию закрыли…

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