Dream VS Technoblade – Minecraft FIGHT Animation

Dream VS Technoblade, who do you think will win?

↓↓ ↓↓ ↓↓ ↓↓ ↓↓ ↓↓ ↓↓ ↓↓ ↓↓ ↓↓ ↓↓ ↓↓

In this video, we watch Techno fight Dream in an emotional story battle with the coolest fight scenes yet. Consider watching this until Dream and Technoblade fight again!


|Social Media|
Twitter: https://twitter.com/krefixofficial
Discord: https://discord.gg/CYfVhGJsJ4

|Video Credits|
Director, Animation, Rigging, Lighting, Assets: Krefix
Villager/Nether Rigs: Pau4312
Horse Rig: Anishwij

Programs: Cinema 4D, After Effects, Photoshop

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