CSGO Explained in 6 minutes [Animated]

CSGO Tutorial Explained with Animation and Stick Figures. Dust 2. How to Play CSGO. Aim Guide. How to AWP. How to Spray pattern. How to Eco. How to use Grenades Smokes Flashes.

I hope you like!

I am filing a report to Facebook for Copyright Infringement. for this link https://www.facebook.com/Fans.Of.CSGO/videos/308676693613722/. I keep my first name anonymous. But yes, I’ve filed a report: 567907230759365

Hello winnchecklw120. Hello Water.

By Estila

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  1. the guy that killed "Wei" on A site at 2:33 is called "Unshot" and hes the same person thats being referenced at 3:55 when explaining how the gun firing works, him literally being referred to as "unshot". Thats so awesome

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