Competitive CSGO on 2012 Maps

We played a game of Counter-Strike on the original versions of classic maps, back when the olofboost was meta, nuke silo was a skill jump, & Train… train just sucked.

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By Estila

16 thoughts on “Competitive CSGO on 2012 Maps”
  1. As much as I hate to juxtapose Valorant into this, old Cobblestone reminds me that Valve is just so… bad. I'm utterly surprised CS:GO can get away with poor map design like this ON RELEASE and refuse to change it for YEARS. Meanwhile Valorant is able to fix problems and respond to community critique in a few months.

  2. I have an idea for one of these. It won't change much about the game itself, but it will completely change the metagame. What if CSGO had 45 minute halves? Instead of up to thirty 115 second rounds, instead there was a global 45 minute timer that ticked down. Games would still be won by round wins, but it would no longer be 16 to win, instead, as many rounds as you can win in 90 minutes.

    Winning would be exactly the same as in the normal game, except that you'd be unable to tick down the clock, unless it was close to half.

    I already see some significant balance changes, such as T side not being able to save. I could also see if T side were up by a significant margin that they could just camp for like 5 minutes at a time and prevent any points from being awarded, so I think there would have to be some sort of system to prevent this. Or maybe it would be stopped by CT aggression? Worth trying, I think.

    I think this could be a potential fix to professional match lengths, making it more like physical sports, like basketball, and much more predictable on timing. Though that's only if such an idea works out. I think it's good to shake up the formula like this. It might work really well, or it might not, but at the end of the day, things can only be made better by trying ridiculous ideas. Something I'm sure you're intimately familiar with.

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