RIP PUBG, April 18, 2022. Yes, The chocolate Tacolate uninstalled PUBG like 3 weeks ago, but we were just that backed up on his content. Can you blame him, though? No one wants to play a game that crashes every half hour. Thank you all so much for the insane support over the past 4 1/2 years. You’ll still get your daily PUBG content for the time being. It just won’t be fresh. Plenty of things get better over time, though: whiskey, cheese, Judi Dench, etc. So let’s all enjoy some vintage chocoTaco content together, aged over 4 years in oak casks for that special chill vanilla caramel flavor. Cheers. – Beth

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Music: “Intellect” by Yung Logos, from YouTube Audio Library

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By Estila

  1. First off that's how you do it. View from the top. Great creator, always showing up and some Great skills.
    Leave up that merch store, very hard to top a single spec of this again amazing to watch. I've seen every episode for over two years now. Good times rough times, it made all the difference when I played every day for a year before a chicken.
    Thank you for at least some guidance and mostly a lot of fun. You never got to see my furthest crossbow kill…. Lobbed from 307m. But I'm gonna let's my dreams be dreams on that one.
    xxxxxxYou are forever a legend!!!xxxxxx

  2. PUBG is trying so hard when they add cool stuff like the tactical pack and the spotter scope only ended up being nerfed to the gutter and not touched anymore.The add new guns that doesn’t even impact the meta and ended up buffing the meta even more making other weapons more obsolete like the M16A4.Revive mechanic like the comeback and self revive that is just horrible in terms of it’s quirks.Performance nowadays are just horrible like having random crashes even with high specs and having stutters/freezes.What makes the old PUBG better is players are just less competitive and just more diverse on having fun.Feels more of a very fun DayZ like BR and now looks more like most of its essence are gone.We are all fine Choco reupload his older PUBG videos,cuz how the game is more great 3-4 years ago.

  3. Hello Choco, I'm from Romania, i have the same problem with PUBG. If you uninstall the game I believe I will fallow you also. Game crush few timesday!!!!
    Good luck and have a nice day!

  4. Revive system? Ummm no that is not the real battle royale experience. You talk about tactical pack and that stuff, it can go but no to any revive system. Taego comeback arena is bad enough

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