How to Unblock Yourself When Blocked by any WhatsApp Contact

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Why most people get blocked on Whatsapp

Unblock Yourself from Whatsapp

Ever got blocked by anyone after bullying or sending spam messages to them on Whatsapp? This may sound annoying, especially when you later on repent and want to say something sensible. Being blocked means you won’t be able to contact the person on Whatsapp any longer.

As stated above, unless you are unblocked from the blocker’s side you can’t have the chance to apologize for your past deeds. However, the person who blocked you may never have it in mind to unblock you sooner. You have to device a way to unblock Yourself.

Device a way to unblock Yourself from Whatsapp

Whatsapp unblock chat easily

Unblocking Yourself from your side may seems impossible for you, but it is 100% possible to unblock Yourself from Whatsapp. You don’t even need to have the person’s phone in your hand. Just follow the steps, I am going to analyze to you in details. You won’t loose any of your messages

Simple Guide to unblock Yourself on Whatsapp

WhatsApp unblock unlock easily

  1. The first step is to Clear all the chats you have made with a particular person that have blocked you (this doesn’t mean that you should delete all your Whatsapp messages to other Contacts). Although, this may not be necessary some times. However, you may need to sacrifice the past messages you have sent to the same person who blocked you, this is due to some technical difficulties experienced on some phones who tried to use this same trick.
  2. Go to WhatsApp settings, click on Chats, then back up all your chats so that you won’t loss them when we continue with other steps. See The details below.
  3. Go to your phone settings, then click on Application (Apps on some phones). Look for Whatsapp then click on it. Then click on clear data.
  4. Now, open the Whatsapp Application, follow the new registration steps and when you are about to finish the process, you will be informed to restore old backup from memory card. Kindly restore it to get back your messages/ chats.
  5. Now, try sending a message to the contact that blocked you, you will be surprised to see Yourself unblocked. You are Advised to apologize first to avoid being blocked again.

Technical Details

Unblock Whatsapp chat messages Yourself




Whenever you connect with a WhatsApp user via chat, a public key and private key are being generated. This is unique to only you, and the person you are chatting with. These are used to decrypt messages sent to and fro. When you are blocked on Whatsapp chat, your private key with the person that blocked your chats has been deactivated. You won’t be able to see the profile picture and status. By re-registering your phone number on Whatsapp, you have created a new private and public key for you to contact all your chats.


This post is only meant for education purpose. We believe this trick used be used when a contact on Whatsapp blocked you but you have to pass an urgent message. Using this trick to disrupt Whatsapp service(s), intrude privacy, denial of choice or the likes are highly dis-encouraged. Angrycheat hereby declare that we are not going to be responsible for data lossage or damages, whatsoever, including harms not mentioned that may arise by using the guides in this tutorial.

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  1. Well this trick may be useful at some point , but if you get blocked by someone the best way to get back onto them is to irritate them in person to get unblocked and then block them instead….

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