Turn old photos to digital instantly using your phone

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We all have old photos, most of this are non-digital especially for those of us born before 2000. This photo are lovely memories of moment that can’t reoccur, so we want to preserve them or turn them to digital.

Giving these photos to a photographer to turn into digital is very expensive. Thank God to technology, you can do it yourself in a tinkle of an eye at home on phone. This saves you 100% of your money because it is totally free.

Follow the steps below to get along

Steps to convert a photo into digital

  1. Download photoScan on android by Google.
  2. Install and open the application.
  3. Use the application to scan the photo and see the magic.
  4. When you are through, you will save it on google photo.
  5. You can choose to print the hard copy by using a photo printer.

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