Simple trick: 10 ways to speed up your browser up to 10 times

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Most of the time, even when on high quality broadband by a reputable Internet service providers (ISP), we experience speed not up to what we expect. When your ISP boast of 100 megabytes per second but your speed isn’t up to 100 kilobytes per seconds. You feel frustrated and want to change your ISP!.

Furthermore, when we change the ISP the same network problem persist. Here today at angrycheat we will go deep into discussing 10 causes and remedy of slow internet speed.

  1. Not utilizing cache: the word cache seems confusing to most people. Though, it means something simple. Cache are like a saved version of something either locally or not. For example I had visited earlier and the website has been cached locally on my phone, whenever I want to browse the file will load from the local cache and use a few data since it doesn’t need to send a new request to the internet. The good news is that most browsers now come with cache function. The bad side is that caching a dynamic web (websites that change often)  won’t let you see the updates but the old version.
  2. Too much cookies: like cache cookie is also a big grammar online for some people. Cookies are small file embedded in your browser by websites tracking you or previous actions (especially shopping cart). Cookies are also used for storing your username or other information when on websites that requires login. Too much cookies in browser will slow browser down. Always clear cookies even for securities and low shopping price.
  3. Poor Domain Name System(DNS): Whenever you type in a web address e.g DNS resolve into IP e.g Most ISP provides DNS that aren’t sophisticated enough to resolve web address into IP very quickly. If so be the case, you need a new DNS you can try Opendns or the likes.
  4. Old internet technologies: using old technologies like 2G or Edge to browse will deliver poor speed in modern times. This is due to the facts that they are old technologies. Using 3G, WiFi or 4G is advisable for getting the best of speed.
  5. Outdated browsers: Always update your browser for the best of speed and security patches. Browser are always at the edge of new systems to ensure maximum speed. 
  6. Using bad VPNs: Bad Virtual private Network(VPN) do reduce internet speed to the highest degree. Beware that using VPN is also dangerous and data can be stolen by VPNs.
  7. Poor Network/signal strength: when in an area with a poor signal strength, internet speed do reduce. This will also affect browser speed, download etc
  8. Data throttling by ISP: Most ISP throttle data which ban users from using internet at a high speed. To remove data throttling ROOTING maybe needed on android phone while on PC special privileges should be enabled.
  9. Bad device or Hardware: sometime slow internet speed aren’t caused by ISP but due to bad device hardware. If a device has a bad radio, poor network speed will be achieved. 
  10. Heavy JavaScript on a website: too much utilization of JavaScript on a website will slow down the speed of the site. Don’t worry about this, it is caused by the website. You can disable JavaScript in browser setting to speed up the website.

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