6 Simple things that can damage electronics

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Electronics are now part of our everyday life. Electronics ranging from phone to torchlight have come to stay.They are very useful and productive but they get damage easily.


Furthermore, almost everyone on earth utilises electronics, but have you ever wonder why they damage easily? They damaged due to this reasons:

  1. Using in a bad condition: All electronics are rated and their conditions of suitable usage are specified e.g Temperature, pressure, voltage etc. Using out of specified range can cause damages. Most people don’t know read manuals so they won’t be aware.
  2. Over using: electronics become very hot when used for a long time. This can melt some soft part in it. Explosion can occur or slight damages. That’s why you should always off electronics when not in you.
  3. inadequate maintaince: some electronics like generators, electronic machine etc are to be serviced after usage for a specified time according to the manual to avoid damages.
  4. Wear and tear: This is normal for all electronic to wear out gradually either due to usage or non-usage. This is just like death in animal, electronics die when they become old.
  5. Engineering defect: some electronics are not well screened befire being sold so they are substandard. They won’t last for long and will wear out anytime.
  6. Coming in contact with fluid: fluids like water, juice etc shouldn’t come in contact with the electronics because they tend to corrode them. Thereby, leading to malfunction and getting damaged.

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