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Airtel is now rewarding their users in a big way. They just launched a loyalty rewardz called Airtel Rewardz. This is definitely the best loyalty programme that has ever been set up by any service provider in Nigeria.

Wondering whats Airtel Rewardz?

-The Rewardz Loyalty Programme is a point based and 3 tier loyalty programme designed to reward our customers on every money spent on the network be it on voice, SMS or data. This is in line with our brand values of Radiance, Heart and Belonging.
-The Rewardz Loyalty Programme will reward all our customers regardless of their spend, as this has been catered for by our range of tangible and intangible items displayed in the catalogue. This is to show that we appreciate all our customers for their loyalty and support now and the years to come.
-Everything that a customer pays for, is rewarded with Reward points that the customer will be able to exchange for items displayed in the Rewardz Catalogue.
-The Rewardz Catalogue includes a wide variety of items from free minutes and SMS to BlackBerries, home appliances…anything you can imagine!
-High users will also be given membership cards, Gold or Silver depending on their spend, which will open the doors to a world of benefits and privileges.

How to enrol

All Airtel customers can enrol for the Rewardz Loyalty Programme!* All you have to do is SMS the word “Rewardz” to 797! or dial *141*797*1#
Once enrolled, you will get an SMS confirming your enrolment in the Programme and you will begin to earn points based on your usage.
As soon as you enrol you will earn 1 Rewardz Point for every N10 of use; as a Silver or Gold member you will earn even more Rewardz Points!
* Payphone operators, PABX lines and Airtel employees are exempted from participation in the Programme.

How to earn points

Members of Rewardz Loyalty Programme earn points simply by using Airtel services (i.e, voice calls, data and SMS to name a few). You will earn points for every N10 you spend on these Airtel services.
To become Silver or Gold member you need to accumulate Level Points; you will get 1 Level Point for every N10 spend! The more Level Points you earn, the higher your level and the more benefits you will have access to!

Levels and their Minimum Level Points

Bronze – Below 2,999 Level Points in a calendar year
Silver – A minimum of 3,000 Level Points in a calendar year
Gold – A minimum of 6,000 Level Points in a calendar year

Rewardz Points

Rewardz Points can be used to obtain Airtime and other Rewards from the Rewardz Catalogue. As a Silver or Gold member you will earn even more Rewardz Points for every N10 spend!


Levels, Rewardz Points and amounts consumed

Rewardz Points – 1.0
Amount consumed – 10
Rewardz Points – 1.2
Amount consumed 10
Rewardz Points – 1.5
Amount consumed – 10

For example: On January 01, 2009 you enrol into the Rewardz Loyalty Programme. On January 02, 2009 you spend N10 on Airtel services. Your account will be credited with 1 Rewardz Point and 1 Level Point on the next day.

All you have to do is enrol by sending Rewardz to 797 and you start earning points….

How to check your points

The points you earn today are added tomorrow. SMS the word POINTS to 797 or dial *141*797*2# to check how many Rewardz Points you have.
You can also check how many Level Points you have accumulated; send an SMS with the word Level to 797 or dial *141*797*3#.
Checking points is free of charge.

How to redeem points for rewards

You can use your Rewardz Points to get great rewards: anything from SMS or Minutes to a handset or even a TV!

After selecting an item from the Rewardz Catalogue, please check the availability at our Rewardz Partner Store before redeeming. To redeem your Rewardz Points send RD (space) the Product Code to 797. Product codes are available in the Rewardz Catalogue.
Once your redemption request has successfully been completed you will receive an SMS with a voucher number that will allow you to obtain your item of choice from our Rewardz Partner Store. Please note that your voucher number is valid for six months.
Minutes and SMS will immediately be credited to your account; you will not receive a voucher number for these items.

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