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 Secret exposed: how to run facebook ads and pay later as a startup.

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Facebook ads are supernatural ways of boosting business online. However, most people are broke and doesn’t have enough cash at hand to run advertisements. This problem is persistent among startups due to insufficient capital.

This trick works because facebook ads operates on a basis of pay later or postpaid. The authenticity  of this trick cannot not be doubted because I have tried it numerous times. 

Before I delve further into this tutorial, I will like to give a strict warning that angrycheat or its staffs do not take responsible of any blockage, legal suit, damages, charges, disaster or other form of calamity that may arise prior to the usage of this trick. 

Futhermore, this trick is also meant not to teach you a way to steal or defraud any entity either Facebook or otherwise. This trick is 100% aimed at startups that doesn’t have enough cash to run adverts due to capital inadequacy. Such startup(s) must have it in mind that the money should be refunded as soon as the ads expire.


How to do the simple trick:.

  1. Register for a PayPal account at
  2. Follow the simple guides and setup a working payment method. Please note that your account must be funded. 
  3. Set your account using a credit or debit card.
  4. Go to your facebook page and boost the content you want to advertise, setup PayPal as your payment method.
  5. Click ok and wait for confirmation once approved, then the deal is done.
  6. Transfer all cash in the account you used to setup PayPal to another one to avoid charges immediately.
  7. Once you want to pay Facebook for the ads just fund the account you used for PayPal. 

Please note that failure to pay back within a short time can lead to legal suit and deactivation of your Facebook page advertisement account. Thanks

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