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How to Save Whatsapp Status to your Phone Manually Without Using Any App

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Usefulness of WhatsApp status

Save Whatsapp status to phoneWhatsapp status is an interesting way to share how your day is going or went with the people that matters to you. The revolution of WhatsApp status has made it possible to share video and images in a funful way. This also replaced the former way in which only images can be used as a status.

Features of WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp status hack

Whatsapp status is rich in features. One of which includes the ability to restrict some people to view your statues. Better still, you can make the statues available only for few selected people within your contact. One more special features in Whatsapp status is that you can view the numbers of people who saw your statues.

Statuses are also self destructive and disappear automatically after 24 hours. They also automatically scroll after brief seconds of view, so need of pressing a button to view the next status. Video added to Whatsapp status should not be longer than 30 seconds. You can also reply to a status for only the poster to see.

Problems of WhatsApp Status

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One of the many problems of WhatsApp status is that they can not saved to the device. They scroll away too fast and you can’t read an image with a lot of text because of insufficient time. Although, when you click hold on an image in the status it won’t automatically swipe away. You can’t pause a video in statues.

How I discovered how to save Whatsapp Statues

Whatsapp status screenshot


Recently, my brother taught me an interesting solution on how to save Whatsapp statues, in a way i never think of. Even as a tech blogger, my mind never went in that direction. This prove that Nobody is an island of knowledge. We have to keep learning forever. His trick was so amazing that you don’t need any application to save your Whatsapp status.

Steps to save Whatsapp status

Set up free browsing trick

I don’t use IPhone or BlackBerry, however I believe the method I used for Android phone will work perfectly for you.

  1. Go to your file manager, if you have set your phone storage as the default disk then you have to click on phone storage. However, if you set the memory as the default disk/storage, you have to click the memory card.
  2. In the directory (Memory card/phone storage) you will find a directory called Whatsapp. Click on it. Directory WhatsApp
  3. You will see a directory called Media. Here is where all your Whatsapp media including the statues are. Here you can see some directories like statues, video, audio etc Directory media
  4. If you can’t find statues directories there, that means it has been hidden, look at the uppermost right corner on the screen you will see a toggle menu click it and press “show hidden files”. The statues directory will appear. Save Whatsapp status easily
  5. You will be surprise to see all your statues when you click the WhatsApp statuses directory. Click copy and paste it in another directory on your phone.
  6. That’s all, you have successfully saved the statues on your phone without using any app.

Technical details

WhatsApp statues are kept on a directory in your phone but are secretly hidden. By clicking on the display hidden files, you have automatically expose the secret files Whatsapp is keeping on your device. By copying out the media out of statues directory you have saved a duplicated copy of your media. Therefore, you have prevented it from being deleted by Whatsapp cron command that deletes files every 24 hours.

Map details of WhatsApp status directory

File manger ->> Whatsapp ->> Media ->> Statues (Hidden) ->> All the statues

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