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How to Get Unlimited Likes for Facebook Posts using Automatic Bot Likers

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My Facebook History and How it helped me

Facebook Trick

I joined Facebook in 2009, as a kid I wasn’t old enough to use the service so I added some few months to my age. My intention for joining Facebook then was just to have fun. As time goes on, I discovered that Facebook wasn’t only a fun tool but a way life.

Facebook has helped my career a lot. I have made a lot of money legally on Facebook. One thing I loved the social medium for is that, it also keep me connected to friends and family. I also love the nice people I met on it. I have learned a lot that kept me up-to-date. If you are in an hurry skip to the trick immediately.

I encountered Facebook Problems

Facebook liker tricks

Many times have I been abused and spammed on Facebook, that doesn’t make me loss my interest in it. I never look at the bad side because am an optimist. Until recently, I never worried about how many likes I got on my Facebook posts when i started seeing my friends having 500 likes, 1000 likes and even a lot better.

Why I want more Facebook Likes

More likes on Facebook

I started getting annoyed and jealous. I thought it is because I don’t have a lot of friends on my list. I added many and in few months my friend list has been filled up with people that I don’t know. Still, I got few likes.


This week, I saw 112 people online but my posts got 7 likes. This prompted me to post an update that “most people on my list are ghosts, who died without logging out of Facebook”. This post got me about 30 likes. I felt a bit happy that people has started noticing me.

I got Facebook likes trick

I got Facebook trick

I was still dumb and didn’t know that people use automated likers until a friend on my list told me to inbox him which I did. He gave me the secret to get likes. One of my post Yesterday got about 330 likes from automated likers.

I will now introduce you to the tricks am using to get Facebook likes. There are few trusted websites that gives you the opportunity to get free likes, the highest is 50 likes every 15 minutes. And that’s a lot, because you can get 200 per hour.

Steps to get more Facebook likes

Any good browser can do the trick. These are the outlined steps.

  1. Login to your Facebook account via the browser of choice. Chrome recommended.
  2. Go to your Facebook account settings, limit all your posts for public and enable follower option.
  3. Go to any of these three sites from the same browser you are logged into.
  4. Generate an access token by permitting apple iMovie to use your account.
  5. Once you generate the access token copy it and come back to the home page, paste it as seen below to login.Illustration of how to get Facebook likes
  6. You will be asked to input captcha verification.
  7. You will see all the your posts, set the number of likes (50 maximum) you want and submit.
  8. That’s all! Go to your account and see the likes.


We are not affiliated to any website mentioned in the article above. We hereby won’t be liable for any loss that may be incurred by using their services. However, there have been no case of hack reported by anyone using this sites, but beware that your account may be used by this websites to perform spammy operations you may never be aware of.

Moreover, people who utilize this service may be banned by Facebook. Limit the way you use it to avoid suspicious activities that could result in your Facebook account being banned. Am planning to write a post on how to secure your Facebook account soon. Please subscribe my blog to get notice when I post it.


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