Making money by Mining Bitcoin: secret revealed!

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Bitcoin is currently the most respected cryptocurrency in the world today. Following its launch in 2009. 1 bitcoin worth roughly about $5950 at the time this post was gathered. Although, no one is sure of the real founder all we know is that Bitcoin has made a lot of people Millionaire.

Bitcoin mining

The only verified method by our crew to get possession of Bitcoin legally is to buy or mine it. You can buy any unit of Bitcoin greater than or equal to 0.00000001. As you all know, angrycheat is aimed at bringing you verified stuffs. Believe me all this methods works.

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To be able to get free Bitcoin. You must be patient, have a laptop or smartphone. I will basically discuss three ways to mine bitcoin. Before we proceed, Bitcoin is a financial entity and therefore it is liable to be a target to scammers. Therefore, we take no responsibility of any damages or loss that may arise due to mining Bitcoin.



  1. BTC CLICKS: with this miner you get a specified amount of Bitcoin for every advertisement you click on their website. This method also allow you to referral people and earn a token of what they earn. To be sincere this method is one of the best. However, the only con about this method is that you won’t be able to withdraw if your Bitcoin has not reached 0.1 which Is approximately $144. Although, if you can work hard within a week you should reach the threshold. Click here to get started and earn money.Bitcoin mining to make money
  2. HOME MINERS: This is another mining machine. You get your Bitcoin while you watch. It is 100% transparent and genuine. You earn per seconds, therefore, the longer you stay on site the more you earn. The minimum cash ou t is 0.003 Bitcoin. It sound little but hard to earn. Click here to start mining your cash.
  3. FREE BTC FOR ANDROID: This also a mining machine too but very slow and it could take you up to months to earn $100. The apps suck battery like a monster due to background services. Moreover, it is only for android users. You can search Free BTC on Google play to download it.

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  1. Hi the home minner is very crazy if ur system goes to sleep for a long time ur acquired earnings disappears.

  2. Kucoin is a new cryptocurrency from Hong Kong. It is highly expected to do very well over the next couple of. This is one ICO coin to invest in, especially at $0.40! Heres the link to check out

  3. Bitcoin has far become so popular that it is now everywhere online! Many people have been asking how they can get to know Bitcoin more so I have decided to explain all the basic ins and outs.You will LearnWhat is Bitcoin?How it worksHow you can get a Bitcoin wallet free of chargeHow to fund your Bitcoin WalletWays to double/grow your BitcoinWhat is Bitcoin?Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, created and held electronically. No one controls it. Bitcoins are not printed, like dollars or euros – they’re produced by people, and increasingly businesses, running computers all around the world, using software that solves mathematical problems.How to get Started with BitcoinThe first step to getting started with Bitcoin is to get a bitcoin wallet which would be explained below in some short and simple steps.A Bitcoin wallet is like a bank that helps store all your obtained Bitcoins. There are different Bitcoin sites where you can create a bitcoin wallet for free, examples are:CoinbaseBitx.comBlockchain.infoBut I personally recommend because I have been using them for quite some time now and have had no issues with them, though other Bitcoin wallet websites are ok too, But I am going to be using Blockchain.infoNow that you’ve had knowledge about Bitcoin wallet, it is time you get to know how to create a bitcoin wallet which would be explained below:How to get a Bitcoin Wallet from BlockchainStep 1. Visit and click on Wallet >> Get a Free Bitcoin Wallet, this registration would require you to input your email address and other necessary information. Make sure to provide the correct detailsStep 2. You would be asked to confirm your email make sure to do so, and also take/not down your wallet ID because it is what you are going to be used to Login to your Bitcoin Wallet (Blockchain).Step 3. Now that you are all set, it’s time to fund your Bitcoin WalletHow to fund your Bitcoin WalletNow there are two ways to fund your Bitcoin walletMining Bitcoins:This process is free but I personally do not recommend it because most of the bitcoin mining sites end up being a scam. Example of some sites that allows you earn free bitcoins is,, and lots other.I am not condemning the sites but I share from my own personal experience, while there are scams; there are also legit ones. So it’s up to you.Buying BitcoinsThis is the most recommended way because the transaction is discussed between two parties i.e. You (The buyer) and the second party (The seller).But you have to trade carefully as there are scammers everywhere Apart from this there are also sites online where you can buy bitcoins e.g.,,, etc.You can search on google with the keyword “Where to buy and sell bitcoin in nigeria”. 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So you have no fears transacting, You can trade with them safely and if you face any difficulties while surfing through their site, do not hesitate to contact their support team.In summary of the above post, below are the best Nigeria Sites to buy and sell bitcoins;247xchanger9jacashCarproglobalLearning how bitcoins work should not be a problem anymore, however, I encourage you to keep on exploring as that is the best way to get to know anything easily and fast.

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