How to use 2 WhatsApp and Facebook account on your phone

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Ever wonder if you can use 2 whatsapp accounts on the same phone? If yes, good news for you! I will teach you how to use two WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Skype and any other application on a single phone.
The main reason why most people wanted to use two accounts on a phone is that they have 2 different phone numbers but one phone and still they want to be connected on both.

Hope you have heard of Parralel space? If no, then you are really not up-to-date. This supernatural app will help you to use two different account on a phone by cloning the application in less than 15 seconds! Did you hear me say 15 seconds?
The main benefit of this application is that it requires no setting, fewer advertisement, completely free, no upgrade and easy to install. Download here
The only major disadvantage I noticed using the app is that it occupies a lot of space sometimes up to 250MB. For this reason I will advice you to clone only few apps and have a sufficient space on your phone.

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