How to turn a video to music manually without using File converter on Android

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One reason I hate file converters is that they are very slow! Moreover, some file converter uses your MB and display nasty advertisement. I wonder if I really need them when I can do it manually. 

Converting a video of 50 MB music sometimes will use nothing less than 30-40 MB of your data. Some malicious file converter can even steak your data like file in the process of converting. Most of the time the operation will fail after waiting for  long time, this is disgusting.

Today, I will explain how to convert files manually and instantly. You don’t need to wait. Your files won’t be corrupted and you can keep the old file and the new file if you wish. You can also reverse the action.

Follow this simple steps:


Locate the file manager on your phone.

  1. Search for the video you want to convert.
  2. When you have found it. Select the file. 
  3. If you want to have a video copy and an audio copy separately. Copy the file into two e.g myvideo.mp4 copied so you have myvideo(1).mp4.
  4. But if don’t wish don’t copy, just select the file and click rename.
  5. Video files most of the times are in 3gp or Mp4 format so you will see .3gp or .mp4 at the back of the file’s name.
  6. Remove the .3gp or mp4 and change it to mp3 e.g you will rename myvideo.mp4 to myvideo.mp3.
  7. Now save and listen to your music.
  8. Note you can use this method to change .jpg to .PNG and  .PDF to .HTML or .php or .XML or .bat or .txt or .wav to anything.

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