How to repair a wet phone

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Even if you are not an engineer you must be able to do this

Material needed:

screw driver, methylated spirit and cotton wool/bud.

  1. If the phone is on don’t off it just remove the battery, if it is off don’t on the phone either just remove the battery.
  2. Don’t panic! Unscrew the phone by using a screw driver, be careful your phone is going to work don’t rush or be eager to avoid unnecessary damages to your phone
  3. Put the cotton bud into the methylated spirit (don’t over soak the cotton bud to avoid it getting too wet).
  4. Use the soaked cotton bud to clean the phone panel (the green plastic you will see when you open and unscrew your phone) or any part there is water.
  5. Leave for 5minutes and then screw the phone back gently. Leave the phone gently for about 30 minutes again clean the battery terminal (the 3 golden points on your battery).
  6. Charge the battery fully and on the phone.


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