6 ways on how to prevent phone battery damages

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Many people are frustrated by the way their battery behaves not knowing they are the cause. There are do and don’t to ensure your battery has a long lifespan.
Let dive into the tips:

  1. Avoid charge up to 100%: I know this will amaze you, but don’t be surprise that charging your phone to 100% is dangerous. This is due to the fact that the battery will attain the maximum voltage and frequency and this may weaken the chemical used to produce it. Most phones nowadays now prevent overcharging.
  2. Avoid 0% battery status: Letting your phone to shutdown due to battery low is not a good thing. Letting your battery die may cause the battery to loose substantial energy. If you ever notice when your battery reaches 0% it will take a long time before it can charge.
  3. Avoid Shorts circuiting the battery: you may have noticed this on most phone batteries but don’t know what it means. It simply means don’t use metallic object to connect the positive and negative terminal together. This may lead to severe burn and chemical contact or being released to the atmosphere.
  4. Avoid Fake charger: Although fake chargers are difficult to notice, you may check the body for signs of grammatical error. Most original chargers are plastics and not rubber. They are always lighter than the fake ones.
  5. Avoid using phone while charging: pressing phone while charging will cause fluctuation of the battery frequency and can lead to explosion and damage of battery life.
  6. Never expose to unfavorable conditions: Always operate in according to manual. Never operate phone in area with high temperature to avoid damages.



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