How to identify a fake electrical product

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Getting original products from the market is now like getting water in the desert. Most shop claiming to be selling original products are just selling a better fake. Our topic for today is based on how to identify original products.

There are only few confirmed ways to identify an original product. I can guarantee 85% that any electrical product that pass all the tests below will certainly be original.

  1. Weight of products: products manufacturer are very careful to make sure their products weight is constant or consistence. Most original product have a weight difference of ±5% e.g if the standard weight of a computer is 10kg you can expect additional or lesser weight in range ±0.5kg. Therefore, if the weight is 9.5kg it is still original. To confirm this weigh a previous original you have.
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  3. Grammatical errors on labels: no standard product will ever have grammatical error. Products manufacturer knows that they are competing in a strong market, they will never let grammatical error to bring down their standard.
  4. Colors and architectural design: fake products don’t use high resolution images and color. The colors look fade. Fact products generally looks dull and their design aren’t regular. Mistakes are also common features of fake products, always look for mistakes to spot fake items.
  5. Fake products are cheaper: fake products sell at a cheaper price to make sure they are sold off quicker. To make sure you know whether a product is fake first bargain for it at a very low price if the seller agrees then it’s fake.
  6. Absence of certification: This is probably the best way to identify products authenticity. Most people don’t know how to go about it. Most original products have certificate from local certification scheme. You can visit their website to know how to. Here in Nigeria, the Standard Organization of Nigeria have a sticker on all original products. This certificate have sparkling background with hidden characters look deep enough to see them.
  7. Invalid contact details or office location: another method to identify fake products is that the address on them will be fake. Fake products producers are smart to never include their real office address. Try calling the phone number on the pack to see if it went through.

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