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How to Get Free International Phone Numbers for SMS Verification on All Websites

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Reasons why you may need fake phone numbers

Message or SMS alert

There are sometimes you may need to hide or falsify your location online. This may be due to you wanting to utilize a service that isn’t available in your region or country.

One of the major problem you may encounter with falsifying your location is getting a phone number to verify your account. I have seen a lot of people who want to use PayPal from a country that doesn’t support it. They have to first get a friend in a supported country to help them verify their account.

Why most websites deploy SMS verification

Websites sms verification

Since spam rate has increased online, most major Websites has adopted the use of One Time Password (OTP) as a mean of authenticating a user. Mostly, OTP are sent to the mail. This is due to high cost of maintaining SMS server. However, there are some websites that preferred sending it to your phone in form of SMS.

Now, to confirm yourself on any website without using a real phone, use any of the websites listed write below. You will be given access to a lot of phone numbers, If one number didn’t work, please try the other!



SMS verification for OTP

These are the most trusted virtual phone numbers to use for receiving SMS. However, never use such service for sensitive stuff or website that will continually send you OTP for identification. Also note that this phone numbers are made available to the public and anybody can read your messages, therefore, giving them the ability to reset your password. The servers can also shutdown anytime from now without prior notification to its users.

I will advice you to get a premium phone number. If you want a personal phone number not available to the public from Top Countries of the world consider buying premium phone numbers here.


Please be aware that we are not the one of providing the free SMS verification platform and will never take liability of any danger incured using the service.
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