How to expand your memory card unlimitedly

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Insufficient memory can be frustrating especially for those of us that love to download and keep old files. No matter the amount of memory you have on your phone one day it will become insufficient for you.

Most people will have to buy a larger memory card and transfer the file or keep the old one. This process can lead to file corruption, data lossage or virus transfer.

Today am going to teach you how to expand your phone memory unlimitedly! As am concerned there are two most trusted ways you can expand your memory card.

Zipping or compressing files: Zipping file is very efficient e.g 200MB worth of data can be turned to 75MB. Zipped files usually have .zip format and can be used across multiple devices like computers, phones etc. The compressing process involve recoding files. Zipped files can’t be accessed except you unzip them. On android phone I recommend Easy Unrar you can download it here.


Using Cloud storage as a substitute to memory card: This involve backing up your data on the internet. There are many companies offering cloud storage like Google Drive etc. I perfectly recommend Google Drive because of its flexibility. To expand all your memory, just back up all your data and delete them from your memory. Whenever you need your file just open the Google Drive application and get.


This is 100% effective but though Angrycheat recommended it that doesn’t hold us responsible for lossage of data or whatsoever that may arise from using the service.

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