How to change your Facebook page URL more than 2 times

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There are some features on Facebook that has limitation e.g changing page URL, changing your name etc. This limitations are being employed to make sure users do not make use of them indiscriminately.

I have written series of post on how to pass by limitations on Facebook. As you know, we don’t intend to break any policy by posting this cheat and therefore, usage is at ones risk. 

I have made this tutorial easy to the core. I hope it will be 100% helpful and educative. Especially, those that want to buy pages that has passed the url change limitations.


Steps to change page URL more than 2x

  1. Create a new page like the one you  want to change its URL. Choose the same category and make the page look alike.
  2. When everything is set, go to from a computer/laptop.
  3. Merge the old and new page together (you may need to back up your post). 
  4. After successful merging, change your URL from the page admin dashboard.
  5. That’s all, for any problem comment below.

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