Data consumption of Infinix phones

Guide to Limit Data Consumption on Infinix phones by 75%

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Mysterious Data consumption of Infinix Phones

The issue of data consumption by Infinix phones is getting out of hand! When I bought my new Infinix hot 4 lite I always  expend 5 times data greater than my former ZTE phone. This makes me really feel like the world is coming to an end!

As a person, i hate switching off data, due to the fact that I don’t like to miss a single update online. However, my new phone taught me how to off it. 3.2 Gigabytes of data on a phone don’t last a week. Not that I watch Instagram videos or YouTube, but spends tons of data on Facebook and WhatsApp.

My first solution didn’t work perfectlyData plan speed

One thought came to my mind one afternoon. “Since I utilize much apps on my phones may be they are using my datas secretly”. Therefore, I decided to off all background data usage of most apps especially applications I rarely use.

This solution seems to improve the data Consumption of my phone. I noticed that I am now saving about 10% data everyday. I also saved some bucks on Megabytes (” data” as we call it in Nigeria).

Few months after discovering this tricks, I got broke and couldn’t subscribe much like before. I started using small plans and uninstall most apps, and disabling some system applications that came with my Infinix that I couldn’t uninstall.

How I discovered the tricks

Speed tweaking android phone


The extraordinary data consumption isn’t getting better, to the extent that am always afraid to subscribe. Fortunately, one day my data got exhausted. I started browsing my old mails and checking my phone stuffs.

Upon this, I stumbled upon an inbuilt app that came with my Infinix phone called Xmanager. I discovered that it has many cripsy features like ability to free up some space by clearing junks on my phone, restrict apps from using data or connecting to the internet at all.

With this freaky trick, I disabled data access for most apps including some malicious system apps that could be sending my data to a central server. I am very happy to discover the super tweak, now 3.2 Gigabytes last for 1 month with only Facebook, WhatsApp, Chrome, Gmail and few others turned on.

How to activate the trick step by step tutorialAmazing trick to control data consumption

  1. From the main menu, navigate and look for an application called “Xmanager”.
  2. Click the “Bandwidth Manager”.
  3. Click the “Network manger”.
  4. Use the switch button to restrict or unrestrict any app you want to have access to the internet.
  5. You can now come back to the “Bandwidth Manager” menu, and click data plan, you can use that one to choose the amount of data you want to use per month 1 Gigabyte is advisable.

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  1. Thanks for the tip my dear. I’ve done this even before reading this post. The thing is that the data allocated by MTN, 9Mobile and Airtel is not retentive.

    I call it ghost data. The beat way to enjoy much data at a reduced cost is to combine other data plans while using 2 sims for your daily activities.

    I use MTN N25 for my night browsing
    I use Airtel N300 for my phone browsing and Facebook

    As for my normal surfing, I use MTN #1000. That’s only for PC. Once I load the page, I disconnect the connection

    1. Yeah, nice advice but this seems to work 100%. Nice article bro. It has been long since you drop articles

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