How to Get 200,000 Naira on Your Glo Sim Using Jumbo Activation code *224#

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Discover How to Get 200,000 Naira Recharge card on Glo

Recently, I checked my Glo account balance and I saw a promotion telling me to dial *224# to get 200,000 Naira for free to activate Jumbo. The first thought that came to my mind was maybe Glo has started a promotional scam. However, I took the brave step of dialing the code. After dialing the code I was told to recharge 100 Naira which I did. Sadly, I wasn’t credited with 200,000. I contacted the customer care for more information on why I wasn’t credited.

In my long chat with a Glo agent, I came to realize that the promo is called Glo Jumbo, and it is available for all new and existing customers. Therefore, I will like to shed more light on how to go about the promo to avoid any unnecessary problem which may result into not being given the Glo Jumbo Promo after dialing the code.

How to Successfully Activate Glo Jumbo Package If You are Getting Error Messages

Glo Jumbo is said to be the default plan for all new SIMs. Therefore, you don’t need to dial any code if you are using a SIM for the first time. However, Old Subscribers can help themselves by dialing *224#, not easy as that though, one needs to keep dialing the code every 10 minutes before the plan can be activated. Even if you receive a message that your package has been successfully changed you must confirm that your new plan is now Glo Jumbo by dialing #100#.Glo Jumbo *224#

Switching to the plan isn’t easy at all, as one could be getting different error messages. If this problem persist for a long time and you can’t change your tariff plan the best idea is to contact the customer care (best to use online chat here). Better still, you can try loading a recharge card and make sure you don’t own them any Money before dialing the code. After getting success message, kindly recharge again (don’t use Virtual Top Up).

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Full Explanation of Glo Jumbo Tariff Plan

  1. Once you have successfully activated the plan, you will be given 200,200 worth of Airtime. However, the promo is locked until you recharge at least 100 Naira.
  2. The amount that will be unlocked out of the 200,200 Naira depends on how Much you recharge each time.
    Amount Recharged Main Account Unlocked Promo Airtime Unlocked Promo Data Total Worth
    100 100 500 50 MB 2200
    200 200 1000 100 MB 4400
    500 500 2500 250 11000
    1000 1000 5000 500 MB 22000
    5000 5000 25000 1000 MB 11000

    Frequently asked Questions from the official website

    For example, if a customer on Jumbo recharges N100, his/her FREE N200,000 is depleted by N2,200 which is made available for his/her usage as detailed in the table above. N100 goes to Main account, N500 goes to Bonus account and he receives 50MB data bonus (valued at N1,600). Main account is for any type of usage (data, SMS, local and international calls) while voice Bonus account is for only Glo to Glo calls at 80k/s.

  3. All the left over balance will expire in 6 months. You can use VTU to unlock your promo. Moreover, all charges will be deducted from the promo account before the main account.I was credited with 200,000 Naira Glo

How To Check Your Account Balance

You can use #122*23# to check your locked promo and #122*24# to check the unlocked promo.

How to Stop Glo Jumbo Tariff plan

Stopping Glo Jumbo Tariff plan is very easy, you just have to migrate to another plan e.g Glo Bumpa, GBAM etc. However, note that if you just migrated out a plan in the last 30 days, 100 Naira will be deducted from your account. I recommend Glo Bumps as the best Plan on Glo network dial *100*10*1# to migrate there or *100*5*1# to migrate to GBAM.

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