Glo cheat 4GB for 1000 Naira

AnonyTun Settings For Glo Free browsing Cheat with Unlimited Surfing

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Zero Naira Unlimited browsing on Glo

Set up free browsing trick

Have you ever imagine watching YouTube for 24 hours? Lol, that would cost over 10 Gigabytes if not more than that. But today, I will change that your believe, I will teach you how to watch YouTube, browse unlimitedly, Facebook and Whatsapp just with 0MB on Glo network. Jump to learn the trick straight away

We all know Glo to be a very slow network until recently, they became the second fastest data network in Nigeria. This made a lot of youths to start using the Nigerian owned telecommunication company. Another reason for the large number of users is that Glo offers the cheapest data plans. At least 35% better than any other data network in Nigeria.

Glo also made browsing easy for students by giving them 100% extra on most data plans when in the university campus. What of adding free awoof call credit to every data plan you buy? I simply love Glo, though, they have bad reviews on social medias for their bad support.

Issue of Ghost Data Plan on Glo

Free Browsing by AnonyTun

Even despite all the good services Glo proclaims to offer are ghosts. Yeah!  ghosts indeed, because how can someone use 1 Gigabyte worth of data to surf only on Facebook for just 2 days without watching videos. This is terrible indeed, until I found a way to limit my data consumption using a simple set up


We won’t Pay for data again!

Data plan on AnonyTun free Browsing

We the Nigerian youths are broke and can no longer pay for ghost data that doesn’t last! That is why we motivated ourselves to find a way to surf the Internet for free! Would you mind learning Glo free browsing trick? If no, then read the steps one after the other and see the amazing cheat in action.

The AnonyTun set up for free browsing on Glo

  1. Download official “AnonyTun” app for android on Google play.
  2. Install the application. When you open the application, click on “stealth Settings”, you can find it at the right-top corner of screen.
  3. Turn on the “Stealth Tunnel”, then set the connection protocol to “HTTP”.
  4. Look down you will see “Custom TCP/ HTTP Headers”, click on it.
  5. Edit the URL/host and change it to, and the request method to “HTTP”, injection method should be left as normal.
  6. Don’t touch the Query method.
  7. Under the Extra Headers select “Online host”, ” keep alive” and “user-agent”. Leave the rest unchecked.
  8. Click on generate and save.
  9. Then go back to the application menu and connect. A detail explanation in the picture below.
  10. Sometimes you at experience difficulties to connect after all this settings, make sure you have a little MB. This is due to Glo new Data Auto off policy.

Screenshot of AnonyTun free Browsing set up

Important Disclaimer

This article doesn’t reflect the action nor opinion of nor that of its Authors. We post this for education purpose only. Our believe is that by posting this; we are sensitizing Glo on the bugs in their system and we hope they patch it soon. This article isn’t meant to bypass securities measures or Steal data connection. Thanks for understanding this.


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