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Trick to Get Free Recharge Card and Call Credit on Your Phone Using TopUp Africa App

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Its time to grab free Recharge card and call credit directly to your phone using TopUp Africa App. This application get your account and phone recharged immediately, you can also choose to send the money to your bank account directly. One good news is that unlike many free Recharge card Applications TopUp Africa doesn’t place restrictions on the minimum and maximum credit one can get.

Other services offered by TopUp application are GoTV subscription, Bank transfer, selling Recharge card and earn money, refer and earn money, Pay electricity bills, Internet charges and many others. To qualify for the free Recharge card on TopUp application. Kindly follow This Link to Download TopUp Application. Also make sure you follow the trick below.

Secret Tips to get More Credit On TopUp Africa

  1. Install TopUp application, input your phone number then ok.
  2. A 5 digit one time password will be sent directly to your phone to activate your account.
  3. Afterward, you will be asked to create a new 5 digit pin.
  4. Click on share referral link to win 100 Naira (Now 50 Naira).
  5. Afterwards, share the link to social media groups, Forums and many others. You can also tell your friends
  6. Every single sign up earn you 100 Naira (Now 50 Naira) immediately!
  7. You can use this credit to Recharge your phone or for others, available for all service operators in Nigeria. You can also Transfer the credit to your bank.

How to Keep Track on numbers of Referral on TopUp Africa App

Most users have been complaining of not being able to check the total numbers of users they have referred. Normally, each referral will earn you 100 Naira credit (now 50 Naira) which willl be added to your account balance on TopUp App (You will also be alerted for each referral). If you divide the amount you have earned with 100, you will get your total referral. However, once you withdraw Any amount this won’t work. You can check the side bar then click on history to see all your referral.

    Please register fast before they block it! See evidence of earning free credit below!

    Free Recharge card on TopUp app


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    Why You May Not be Credited For TopUp Referral Download

    Most users have been complaining that they were not credited for referrals on TopUp App. This got me to message the support team, they explained in details why people aren’t credited. The major reason is that most referred users aren’t signed in to Google play before they click TopUp Africa download link. Another problem is that when they clicked the link they didn’t download the application immediately but come back later. 

    The last two probable causes of not being given the bonus for referral is that the user didn’t complete the sign up or went to download the application from another source other than Google Play e.g Apkpure. As stated the referral program is transparent and I am witness. I earn nothing less than 500 per day.


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