YouTube free 2.5GB data on Glo

Glo Cheat for November 2017: Get Free 2.5GB Data Plan to Watch YouTube

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Glo cheat for November 2017 is now blazing hot and many are currently enjoying the free Glo YouTube Data. Glo recently announced via her official Twitter handle that they are rewarding their users with Free 2.5GB Data to watch YouTube. To be sincere, I thought this was another trick to lure users to activate promos that won’t be useful for them. However, since many have started testifying I believed its real.

How To Activate Glo Free 2.5GB Data to watch YouTube

Activating the free Glo YouTube 2.5GB data plan isn’t hard at all. As announced on Gloworld, any data plan subscription of 500 Naira and above automatically qualified you for the free data plan. If subscribing for data plan is strange to you or you want to know the right plan you can choose to benefit from this Free Data plan follow the steps below.
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  1. Dial *777# then choose 1 for 3G/4G data plan and press ok.
  2. Then 1 again for Buy 3G/4G plan then ok.
  3. If you don’t have up to 1000 Naira you can try subscribing using 500 Naira. Press the 1 for small plan and choose 3 for 800MB for 500 Naira valid for 10 days. If you have up to 1000 Naira choose the monthly plan which is 3.2GB.
  4. Once the process has been completed, the appropriate amount will be deducted from your account and you will be credited with 2.5GB data for watching YouTube.

Usability Validity Of the Glo Free YouTube plan

The plan is usable between the hours of 1am to 5am daily. The plan will also expire on the day the original data you used to activate it expires. Also note that this bonus will be awarded to you every time you subscribe for a data package that worth above 500 Naira. Have unlimited YouTube watching!


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