Charging any phone without charger is now possible (wireless charging)

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This is indeed a breakthrough technology in the history of mankind. I never thought this could happen in the next 50 years but luckily it happened this year! 

This is one of the world most wildest invention. I still find it difficult to believe. The device is called Mother box charger capable of charging your phone on the GO!

This Mother box technology was funded by Indiegogo the popular crowdfunding scheme. The inventor Josh Yank successfully raised over 145,000 US dollars. The secret behind the Device is that it utilizes an antennae connected to the phone to receive the waves that is sent from the device and capable of charging it.

To use the device you need to download a special application on your device. Then do a simple set up. Another thing about the device is that the closer you are the faster it charges.

Features of the chargers includes

  1. Ability to charge without any physical cord!
  2. Can charge multiple device at time.
  3. Ability to charge any smartphone ranging from IOS to Android phone
  4. It charge faster than normal charger.
  5. Sends waves in all direction.

Price and Launch date

The technology is set to hit the market September, 2017 at cheap price of $78 for initial bidders. Though the price may change rapidly due to its heavy demand.

Watch the YouTube video

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