Avoid scam- use this simple trick to know where anybody online is from

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Many user profiles on Online aren’t real. They are being created by scammers and fraudlers. To be sure of the authenticity of any user you need to know where they are chatting from, their network providers etc.

This method is 100% proven to be effective. As you know, we the staffs of Angrycheat.com prefer not to post at all than to post unverified stuffs. Our integrity can not be doubted because we stand by our words.

No special Tool needed for the job- all you need to do is to make sure you don’t let the user suspect what you are trying to do. With this method, you will be able to get the user carrier (Service provider) details, IP address, current location and type of Phone or OS.


Before we continue, please note that this tool is not meant to intrude the privacy, spy or stalk on anybody. We hereby disclaim any issue that may arise due to you using this tool. Moreover, we will reserve the right to modify, change or reinterpret any of the post content.


  1. Go to bit.do and create a shorten url of any link. E.g www.angrycheat.com see the example below.
  2. Choose any alias you want e.g bit.do/justexample 
  3. Click ok, if there is any issue you will be prompted yo correct it. Otherwise, your link will be activated.
  4. Copy your link e.g bit.do/justexample and send it to the person you want to spy on. Make sure he click it.
  5. After he has clicked it just add – to the back of the link you sent and paste it in your browser e.g bit.do/justexample- to view the IP.
  6. Once you get the IP go to iptrackeronline.com
  7. Paste the IP in the search box and click the search button. This will return a full insight of all the user details.

Be aware that some people employ VPN to hide their location. This will work but you won’t know there exact location.

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