Amazing Facebook trick: change your name twice a week!

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Facebook placed a name changing restriction on all account, therefore, we can only change our name once every 60 days. Today am going to perform another wonder because I will make it possible to change your Facebook name twice a week.

I am sorry I couldn’t bring you posts this dats due to examinations. I managed to carve out time because of the high demand for this post by my fans. As you know me, I always write short and straight forward posts with sound contents.

Before you continue with this tutorial. You must be aware that this tutorial is not meant to violate Facebook policy. This tutorial is 100% aimed at people who make a mistake in changing their names, for example I mean to write Oyeniyi Abiola Peace and I mistakenly wrote Oyeniyi Abila Peace instead. Therefore, I will like to change the mistake immediately to avoid confusion.

Facebook won’t give you the chance to change your name, no matter the case, except you forward a complaint to them. This may take days for them to correct your error.

Steps to change your facebook name twice a week

If you have changed your name mistakenly, contact a friend of yours to help you. Tell him that he should report your name to facebook. 


If your friend is using a phone browser he can see report profile at the buttom of your profile. He should click the link and Wait till the next page will load. Let him click on Report profile after that let him wait once more.

One more step, he will see a link titled They’re using a different name than they use in everyday life. Click it and the deal is done. Once he finished all the steps you will be prompted by facebook to change your name. 

Then that’s all the trick, follow the steps carefully and that’s all. However, using facebook app is a little bit different you will see the report button under the name of the user.

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