6 most dangerous things you should never do with your phone!

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You may be surprised that your phone may cause your death or give you a severe permanent injury. Using phones in the wrong way is very dangerous. Although, only a few cases has been reported but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t possible. Today, am bringing you the list of 6 most dangerous things you should never do with your phone. Let delve into the talk.

Phone burning

1. Trying to charge your phone using a wire instead of charger

Don’t ever attempt this! Your phone will explode immediately and could lead to injury or damage other electronics around the home. I have once done this before and lost a phone due to it.

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2. Receiving calls near flammable objects

You may find it difficult to believe that making call near any flammable objects can lead to explosion. Yeah, it is real, some cases have been reported about sudden explosion while cooking. Some have even led to the death of many, properties being burnt down and serious injury. The cause is traced to phone ringing while using gas cooker.Phone melting


4. Overcharging

like all the dangers mentioned above overcharging can lead to explosion of phone. This is very common especially for people who forget things easily. My advice for you is to always monitor your device.

4. Using earpiece while charging:

Don’t try this too it can lead to severe ear burn, explosion and death. Only three cases have been confirmed but prevention is alway better than cure. Furthermore, this is most likely to happen if you do it overnight and sleep off.

5. Downloading or watching porn movies

This is also very dangerous in the aspect that it can lead to the phone contaminating virus. Apart from virus, do you know hackers can empty your bank account by watching a single porn movie? They will find a deceptive way to download some malicious app to your device which run automated bank transaction etc.

6. Charging while calling:

I used to do this a lot of time until my brother warned me. One thing I notice is that whenever am making calls with the charger plugged there will be some unusual sound like a TV station rumbling underneath the voice on phone. This is dangerous and can lead to explosion in rare cases.


  1. can i charge my phone with USB cord connected to my p.c and make call with it when connected can I do that??

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