6 dangerous Passwords you should never use

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Hello guys, this morning I will like to share with you some dangerous passwords you should never use. To keep hackers away we must secure our password and we must not share them with anybody.

Do you know about 1 million password are hacked everyday?

Hackers are extraordinarily smart people, the way they think is beyond reasonable. They are good guessers, they are good in manipulating things, finding flaw in programs, they know more than you do.

Passwords you should never use

  1. Numbers in series: most people are still dumb to use 1234 or 12345678 as their password. One funny thing is that: some people think they are smart, they use a special arithmetical progression like 24681012 as their password. This will never stop a hacker. Most of the time before a hacker can launch an attack, he will monitor his target closely. They use programs that can generate thousands of password that are in different series. To avoid trace this program uses a dynamic IP for each attack.
  2. Password consisting names and important date: most people uses password that consist of their name and add just some figures at the back e.g Angela1, Angela00, Angela12. Most people will like to twist the password by adding their birthyear e.g Angela1990 1990Angela etc. All this are dangerous.
  3. Password containing of diction: Like other on the list this one also is prettily dangerous in the sense that: hackers can launch attack using programmes that automatically generate likely words from diction. The attack may be successful.
  4. Password without special characters: If your current password didn’t include special characters it 100% unsafe. Special character help to keep the chance of your password being guessed at base. E.g password like Angelina can be written as /\ngel!na#$ for safety and security.
  5. Passwords you have shared it anybody: sometimes it may be necessary to disclose your password to somebody for some reasons. After disclosing the password it is unsafe to continue with the password. Assuming you are using /\ngel!na#$ before you may need to change it to something more secure like gel!na$$##.
  6. Password consisting of the word ‘password’: most people tend to forget their password so instead they use e.g mypass, mypassword, Angelinapass etc. If you are among the category you are at a risk of being hacked.

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Steps to generate a strong password 

  1. Remove all related name factors from your password e.g your name, name of pet, street name etc. Start using unbelievable name like name of casual things mobilephone instead of related things like  Angelina, Susan etc 
  2. Use special characters: Using unfamiliar special characters like ©#/\ng€l!n¥ instead of Angelina is 100% ok.
  3. Hashing passwords: using the popular MD5 by PHP to hash password is ok for example hashing  ©#/\ng€l!n¥ will give you 15a8a12885bea1efbdb64e6a27a2f805. If wan’t to hash your password here.
  4. The best password is easy to remember and hard to guess.

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