5 Amazing things chrome can do on android

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Chrome is definitely the best browser in the world. It is super fast and the UI is 100% ok. Unlike many browser their are many hidden feature you don’t know. Today I will like to just bring 5 of them to limelight.

  1. Viewing source code without plugin: most web developer and blogger will find it surprising that they can use chrome to view the source code of any website. Unlike when you are using a computer you will have to press CTRL + U to view the source code of a site. Now, this is a different story on android since their is certainly no CTRL key. Most people use plugins to do it but to doing it manually is safer and better because some plugins may be contaminated. To do it manually just change the write view-source: in the front of any link by editing the link bar e.g http://angrycheat.com/ as view-source:http://angrycheat.com/ and see the magic!
  2. Saving data: chrome offer you the ability to save your data just click on the navigation bar and toggle the 3 dots symbol to see settings. Click it and you will see the data saving option then you can on or off it.
  3. Saving for offline view: if you are using the latest version of chrome you don’t have to bother about this because there is an arrow down button you can click but if not kindly type chrome://flags/#offline-bookmarks in the link bar above to activate the offline download easily.
  4. Manage all your saved password: if you ever notice sometimes chrome will asked you if you want to save password for a site? But what happened when you save the password and want to manage it later? This is when password manager comes in. Just type chrome://password-manager-internals/ in the link bar to manage your password easily
  5. Using chrome assistant: chrome comes with a built in assistant whenever you select a text it will ask you if you want to google it. When you click it you click it you have will Google the word without leaving the current page see example below.í

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